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Electricians' faceshield

By acciedent with electric arch, 50% of the thermal damage occur in the facial area. Therefore in the field of electric works a reliable face protection is very important. We offer two different models of our electricians' face shield:

  • On the one hand we got the helmet mounted electricians' face shield. The face shield is fixed to an electricians' helmet with a plastic visor carrier.
  • For workplaces, where no obligation for wearing a helmet exists, we offer a visor, which can be fixed to our head gear with brow guard. 

 Electricians' face shield Electricians' face shield
Article-No. GFKES001
The electricians' face shield is made completely of plastics. It is tested up to 1.000 V and VDE-approved. The visor ist made of polycarbonate 1,5 mm and it protects against electric arc.
 Plastics visor carrier Plastics visor carrier
Article-No. GBKES003
The visor carrier for the electricians' face shield is made of polycarbonate 2 mm thick. The material is thermoformed. The visor carrier fits on all standard helmets.
 Visor for electricians' face shield Visor for electricians' face shield
Article-No. GBKES002
The visor for the electricians' face shield is made of polycarbonate 1,5 mm thick. It is thermoformed with a wide overleap.

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