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Visor carrier for mining

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Visor carrier for mining

Article-No. GFKHH009

  • the Universal-visor carrier is suitable for all standard helmets
  • easy handling of the carrier when mounting on helmet
  • firm fit on helmet due to strong spring
  • the visor carrier is made of stable aluminium-profiles which are painted black. It is heat- and corrosion-resistant
  • high sealing due to a wide overlap of the profiles
  • an extra sealing is given by a strip of foamed plastic in the U-profile
  • with a special mechanism, the visor can be flipped up with the mounted pit lamp

Article-No. GFKHH009
Description Visor carrier for mining
Chip protection
Glare protection
High temp. operat.
Low temp. operat.

This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 05. December 2007.

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