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Heat shield 500x300 mm with steel rail

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Heat shield 500x300 mm with steel rail

Article-No. BFKHI001

  • the heat shield is made of zinced wire cloth
  • it shields the face from radiant heat
  • to avoid light reflection the inside of the visor is blackend
  • the heat shield is fastend with a steel rail and two fastening angles to the helmet
  • the fastening angles are screwed to the helmet

    Fastening angle on helmet

Article-No. BFKHI001 BFKHI001-1 ZFKHI001 ZFKHI002
Description Heat shield, with steel rail, flanged edge Heat shield, with steel rail and edge with metallised tape Fastening angles for helmets Fastening angles for helmets with broad edge 
 500x300 mm

500x300 mm




Chip protection

Glare protection




High temp. operat.

Low temp. operat.



This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, 07. December 2007.

Technical specifications
Technical datasheet BFKHI001
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Technical datasheet BFKHI001-1
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