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Laminated glass, 220x100 mm, gold-coated

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Laminated glass, 220x100 mm, gold-coated

Article-No. ZFKGL200

  • the laminted glass visor is bent and fits in the alu-window frame 220x100 mm (BFKFE001)
  • the visor is gold-coated and gives an effective protection against radiant heat
  • no shattering due to the lamination of the glass 
  • the glass has an extremely high heat resistance 

Article-No. ZFKGL200 ZFKGL200-1
Description Laminated glass, gold-coated Laminated glass
 220x100x4 mm

220x100x4 mm


Chip protection

Glare protection
High temp. operat.

Low temp. operat.

This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, 07. December 2007.

Technical specifications
Technical datasheet ZFKGL200
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Technical datasheet ZFKGL200-1
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