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About Rudolf Uhlen GmbH


Dear Business friends,

allow me, to introduce myself and the company. My name is Volker Fiedler and I am working as a mechanical engineer in the personal protection branch for more than 20 years. I assumed the ownership of the company Rudolf Uhlen, Haan/Rhineland 13 years ago. The Rudolf Uhlen GmbH manufactures personal protective equipment (PPE) for various applications for more than 50 years. Under my management the company has grown steadily from an “one-man-operation” to an enterprise with 16 employees.

A special focus of our production lies in the field of face- and eye-protection. Our standard product range covers the sectors visor carriers, head-gears, visors against mechanical and chemical impacts, gold-coated visors for IR-protection, heat-shields made of wire cloth and welding glasses.

Besides this extensive standard product range I would like to provide practical solutions for the protective requirements in special working environments. So I am willing to agree to individual requests of our customers. To provide the maximum customer satisfaction I focus on two principles:

1. The quality of the products has to be right.
2. There has to be a constructive communication with the customer.

You can benefit from my long-time experience in all sectors of face protection by contacting me. I'm looking forward to a constructive dialogue and remain

yours sincerley

Volker Fiedler